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By Meg O'Sullivan Life can seem pretty damn monotonous sometimes. If you are working the 9 till 5, following the same routine everyday it's not uncommon for your existence to seem, well,... like an endless drudgery. Annual holidays abroad may help you to escape this sense of captivity. But such freedom usually proves to be fleeting, as the return to routine invites a new bout of monotony. [caption id="attachment_638" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Image by Sonja Langford via Image by Sonja Langford via[/caption] We live life making plans, following routines and setting schedules. As a consequence our days can begin to meld into one. Life can get to feeling a little dull.  However, often our society calls for such routines and plans. And although we all like to think we'd love to scrap our schedule and live life in the flow, as human beings we crave certainty. So quitting your money-makin' day job and proclaiming a life of freedom and adventure isn't always what it's cracked up to be. So the question on every 9 till 5er's lips...

By Tahlee Rouillon [caption id="attachment_602" align="aligncenter" width="640"]photo credit: Moeko Munaretto via photopin cc photo credit: Moeko Munaretto via photopin cc[/caption] There’s a rising happening. There’s a surge of inspired leaders who are recognising we need a new world order. We need community, collaboration, connection. We need each one of us to be fulfilled and inspired. Our very survival depends on it. So you have this feeling inside too. A tender, trepidatious sensation. A calling. This yearning to follow those electric prompts of the heart. Perhaps you are right on the precipice of leaping into following your callings. Or perhaps you’re not sure exactly what it is you want to do. Deciphering your callings usually start with the questions: Where do your thoughts wander when you’re daydreaming? What fascinates you? Where are the sparks of inspiration flying? But no matter where you are on the callings spectrum - to really be of service, you also need to ask:

Where is the love coming from?

Beáta is like a beautiful ray of sunshine beaming her love down onto the earth and warming the hearts of everyone she meets. It was divine guidance that led Soul Sister Circle to discover this powerhouse of compassion, wisdom, support and love living in Sydney Australia and boy-oh-boy, are we grateful for the many blessings that she has brought to our community. Beáta is a noted teacher, workshop facilitator, shamanic & energetic healer, ceremonial leader and speaker. She has an intuitive gift for assisting individuals through deep transformation and facilitates private sessions, classes, workshops, national and international retreats and has featured at major events, festivals and conferences as a guest speaker.

It's hard to find the words to describe this über talented, down-to-earth, creative dynamo. Kristy Lee Hague exudes this certain charm that invites you in and makes you feel... wonderful. Her natural beauty, wicked sense of honour, zest for life and obvious raw talent is inspiring, and yet Kristy has this unassuming quality about her... Like she is oblivious to how gorgeous and truly talented she is. Soul Sister Circle chats to Kristy about life, inspiration and following your passion.

Tara Castellan_hs Creative, inspired and curious. These are three words I would use to describe Tara Castellan. Oh wait, and hilarious. This girl never fails to make me laugh-out-loud. Residing in Sydney, Australia, Tara has worked successfully in the fashion industry for more than 16 years and her career has seen her work with a wide range of labels including Missoni, Vanessa Bruno, See by Chloe, Mezi, Herve Leger and Diane Von Furstenberg, to homeware/beauty labels such as MOR, Aesop, Eva Solo, Alessi and Marimekko. In this interview with Soul Sister Circle, Tara talks about her love affair with fashion, dealing with haters and learning to trust.