Become A Soul Sister Circle Facilitator

Help lead a Global movement

Soul Sister Circle is expanding to connect women around the world, and we need magic-makers and muses to celebrate and inspire the sisterhood.

Help lead a Global movement

Soul Sister Circle is expanding to connect women around the world, and we need magic-makers and muses to celebrate and inspire the sisterhood.

Were you born to support and empower other change makers?

As a Soul Sister Circle facilitator you will use your intimate knowledge of divine destinations and connections with other wise women to coordinate Soul Sister Circle events in your area.

Tap into your natural flair for nurturing and inspiring others to create experiences that nourish your sisters, body and soul.

Harness your creativity and courage to facilitate change and pioneer new paths for soul sisters in your area.

Build a community of like-minded women to make a positive impact on your local community and communities that span the globe.

What will you gain from the experience?

Comprehensive, complementary training in planning and hosting Soul Sister Circle events as well as personal mentoring from founder Bec Van Leeuwen.

Extensive audience and network-building for your own brand via our membership site and other highly visible platforms.

A leadership role in a movement that has the power to facilitate global transformation.

The opportunity to earn exciting incentives for simply doing what your soul has already been called to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is expected from a Soul Sister Circle Facilitator? 
Each local sisterhood is led by one person who serves as the Soul Sister Circle Facilitator. As a facilitator, you are responsible for all the details for your local events such as:

  • Securing a venue
  • Finding a speaker
  • Enrolling local sponsors
  • Leading your local support team
  • Becoming the main point of contact for Soul Sister Circle HQ
  • Spearheading local outreach and marketing with support from SSC HQ

On average a facilitator should expect to invest around 30-40 hours per month preparing for events. This number may vary as facilitators become more experienced, build an engaged community and establish strong working relationships with suppliers.

All Soul Sister Circle Facilitators work in a voluntary capacity. However, we do offer financial incentives as well as annual rewards for our team of Facilitators.

We are more than happy for you to facilitate in partnership with one of your soul sisters. Please note that you will both be required to submit an application and sign the license agreement.

How often are events? 
At minimum, we ask our facilitators to hosts events bi-monthly. We also require that you participate in our global activation days held once every quarter.

Who decides what the events will be about? 
Soul Sister Circle works with global monthly themes that serve to connect our sisters all over the globe. Facilitators are invited to share theme ideas to support Soul Sister Circle in bringing events and information relevant to women everywhere.

Are there any costs/fees associated with becoming a Soul Sister Circle Facilitator? 
No. We will provide you with training and everything you need to get your successful events up and running. Any approved event expenses will be managed by Soul Sister Circle.

Will there be other facilitators in my area?
While you may share your responsibilities with a partner facilitator, each participating city will have only one Soul Sister Circle branch and facilitator position.

I live in a small town. Can I still apply to become a Soul Sister Circle Facilitator?
Our mission is to bring the power of Sisterhood into as many communities as possible. However, running successful events in places with a small population might not be viable. If you believe that your town is ready for Soul Sister Circle, we would love to hear from you. Please include in your application a compelling reason why your town needs Soul Sister Circle.

Apply to become a facilitator

To become a facilitator you are required to complete a written application and submit a short (no more than 2 minutes) video presentation detailing why you want to support Soul Sister Circle’s mission, and why you believe that you are the woman for the job.

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Together we rise.

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