When Callings Converge

By Tahlee Rouillon

photo credit: Moeko Munaretto via photopin cc

photo credit: Moeko Munaretto via photopin cc

There’s a rising happening. There’s a surge of inspired leaders who are recognising we need a new world order. We need community, collaboration, connection. We need each one of us to be fulfilled and inspired. Our very survival depends on it.

So you have this feeling inside too. A tender, trepidatious sensation. A calling.

This yearning to follow those electric prompts of the heart.

Perhaps you are right on the precipice of leaping into following your callings.

Or perhaps you’re not sure exactly what it is you want to do. Deciphering your callings usually start with the questions:

Where do your thoughts wander when you’re daydreaming? What fascinates you? Where are the sparks of inspiration flying?

But no matter where you are on the callings spectrum – to really be of service, you also need to ask:

Where is the love coming from?

Chris Guillebeau calls it convergence. Hiro Boga calls it Dancing with your Deva. That magical place where what lights you up, lights up the world too.

Paying attention to where the love flows from is the easiest, most joyful way to flourish in your business and your life. Because following your callings can become problematic if you’re not paying attention to flow.

I was so hell bent on becoming a health coach that I missed how much more interested people were in my music.

I loved writing meditones music. It was so easy. But I had already tried a music business once before, and for many different reasons – it was unsuccessful. I had created a limiting belief that you couldn’t make a decent business from composing music.

But here’s the catch. By not paying attention to the flow of love that was pouring in for my music, I tried to force my calling to devastating results.

Being a health coach was something I really wanted to do and I assumed that it was the only way to really succeed in business. So when no clients were showing up – despondency, burn out and resentment set in.

Meanwhile, my meditones music was selling like hotcakes.

Insane, right?!

“Never be so focused on what you’re looking for that you overlook the thing you actually find”

Ann Patchett, State of Wonder

My business began to flourish the second I dropped the idea of being a health coach who happened to sell meditones music. As soon as I began to be mindful and grateful for where the love was, ironically, it also meant I was fulfilling my deepest desire to be a full time musician.

Mindfulness, presence and gratitude are all vital ingredients for a happy life. Turns out, they’re also brilliant business skills.

So next time you’re caught in a comparison trap, feeling neglected or unsure of how to proceed, just ask that one simple question.

Where is the love coming from?

About the author

Tahlee Rouillon

Tahlee Rouillon is music composer and producer extraordinaire at Sonesence. She offers peace seekers an easy way to achieve inner peace with a sonic hack called meditones. Plus, Tahlee creates bespoke meditones music for other wellness entrepreneurs. Her blog is soaked in collaborative inspiration from her incredible clients and her own musings on life.


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