Dealing With Haters And Learning To Trust with Tara Castellan

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Creative, inspired and curious. These are three words I would use to describe Tara Castellan. Oh wait, and hilarious. This girl never fails to make me laugh-out-loud.

Residing in Sydney, Australia, Tara has worked successfully in the fashion industry for more than 16 years and her career has seen her work with a wide range of labels including Missoni, Vanessa Bruno, See by Chloe, Mezi, Herve Leger and Diane Von Furstenberg, to homeware/beauty labels such as MOR, Aesop, Eva Solo, Alessi and Marimekko.

In this interview with Soul Sister Circle, Tara talks about her love affair with fashion, dealing with haters and learning to trust.

SSC: They say a picture tells a thousand words so if I were to take a snap shot of your life right now, what would it say?

TARA: It would say that a lot of change is on the horizon – which includes travel and new exciting projects that I am working on.

SSC: You seem to have this unwavering love affair with the fashion industry. What is it about working in fashion that has you so loved up?

TARA: Everything about it excites me and has done since a very young age. And it’s not just fashion exclusively – its music, art, dance, architecture, interiors, poetry – the list goes on. To me, they are all intertwined and therefore offer endless inspirational possibilities!

SSC: Have you always wanted to be an artist or did you once have a different dream?

TARA: No other dream except to work in a creative field and inspire people through that!

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SSC: Breaking into the fashion industry can be tough and there are sure to be knock backs and missed opportunities along the way. What keeps you motivated to keep going in the face of difficulties?

TARA: The beauty of the Fashion Industry is that it is so vast and there are so many different roles you can try –that a knock back or a missed opportunity can sometimes lead you to bigger and brighter things!

I love coaching and mentoring people, and I’ve had a couple of brilliant coaches so I know the immense value it can add to your life/career. Having someone cheer you on who has been in the Industry for a while will definitely help keep you motivated!

SSC: As an artist, you invest a lot of yourself into your work and as with anything, there’s bound to be lovers and haters. How do you deal with your haters?

Tara: For me, it’s as simple as loving the people who resonate with you, and not paying too much attention to the ones who don’t. And it’s always the case that if you march to the beat of your own drum, there will be haters!

SSC: The fashion industry is well known for its work hard, play hard lifestyle. How do you manage the demands of such an intense career and still remain so healthy, happy and grounded?

Tara: Just by consciously deciding to be healthy! – Having fun and being around good people helps as well.

SSC: You have recently relocated from the Gold Coast back to your hometown of Sydney. What prompted this move and what’s on the horizon for Tara Castellan?

TARA: I’ve always had gypsy tendencies – I grew up overseas and have done quite abit of travel, so to relocate is just another part of life for me. Plus, fashion as a business is changing so rapidly that there are many different and exciting opportunities presenting themselves and I’m excited to explore them and see where they take me.

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SSC: There have been quite a few changes in your life in recent months. If you were to look back over the past year, what would you say has been your greatest life lesson?

TARA: To trust! To know that all you are meant to have will come to you in time. And to make sure everything you do in life is pleasurable and fun!

SSC: What does style mean to you?

TARA: Style is a feeling. Style comes from inside – confidence, happiness, a love for life. When you are happy, dressing for yourself is a pleasure.

SSC: Finally, if I was to take a snapshot of your life 12 months from now, what would it say?

TARA: It would say “That was amazing – what’s happening for the next 12 months?”

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