I introduce to you all the amazing Claire Bakerclaire-baker_media This beautiful woman is a Certified Coach, Writer and speaker who guides vibrant women towards a life ripe with greater confidence, less stress, improved relationships and clear complexions. She will have you falling back in love with your life!!

Claire believes in the power of exquisite self care for radical self expression. Through her authentic and empowering blog, eBooks, online programs and live workshops you can consider Claire your personal advocate for living an energised, playful and heart-centred life. We chat to the lovely Claire about her life, coaching, creativity and this wonderful journey she is embarking on...

IndieMy daughter is 20 months old today and it has dawned on me that despite her apparent lack of life experience, she is actually much, much wiser than I previously gave her credit. Today, while I busied myself with emails, errands, business development, laundry and shopping, Indie was content to explore her world, in the present moment. As I rushed my way through my to-do list, I realised that most of the items on the list involved thinking about and/or planning for the future. I sent emails to set up appointments that will happen in the future. I worked on my business plan that will help expand Soul Sister Circle in the future, which will ultimately earn me the money I require to pay for things in the future. Indie on the other hand, spent her entire day living in the here and now. She delighted in exploring in the garden, waving palm fronds around and walking with fresh blades of green grass passing between her toes. She was ecstatic when Sundae, our dog came bounding toward her for a taste of her milk arrowroot biscuit. And right now she is completely consumed by feeling of peas being squished between her finger tips.

By Meg O'Sullivan Life can seem pretty damn monotonous sometimes. If you are working the 9 till 5, following the same routine everyday it's not uncommon for your existence to seem, well,... like an endless drudgery. Annual holidays abroad may help you to escape this sense of captivity. But such freedom usually proves to be fleeting, as the return to routine invites a new bout of monotony. [caption id="attachment_638" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Image by Sonja Langford via Unsplash.com Image by Sonja Langford via Unsplash.com[/caption] We live life making plans, following routines and setting schedules. As a consequence our days can begin to meld into one. Life can get to feeling a little dull.  However, often our society calls for such routines and plans. And although we all like to think we'd love to scrap our schedule and live life in the flow, as human beings we crave certainty. So quitting your money-makin' day job and proclaiming a life of freedom and adventure isn't always what it's cracked up to be. So the question on every 9 till 5er's lips...

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