It took months of battling personal limitations, shedding self-imposed expectations and one giant dose of faith to surrender to the call and start Soul Sister Circle. This in itself was massive cause for celebration, however, there was no time for that, the first Soul Sister Circle event was just a little over one month away. With no previous event experience and armed with a vision and nothing more, I sprung into action to create an evening that would later be described as “Ignite was one soulful night of connection and sisterhood like nothing I have ever experienced before. When I walked through the door I was greeted by Bec, personally taking the time to shower everyone with love. From that moment I felt I was a part of something pretty unique and special.” Tickets to the event sold out, the venue and styling was total perfection, the food and drinks were to-die-for-delicious, the music divine, the giveaways amazing and the company so genuinely beautiful it moved me to tears. I worked so damn hard and gave everything I had to give and it paid off. IGNITE was a huge success. So why in the wake of such success did I feel so underwhelmed?

Author, Artist & Free Surfer, Sohpie Hardcastle shares with us how she lost her joy, her motivation, her energy and witnessed her world unravel as waves of devastation washed over her - and what she did to come back to herself. Sophie is a twenty-two-year-old author, Fine Arts student and free surfer currently based on the Northern Beaches in Sydney, Australia. She has written two books, both published by Hachette Australia. Her first, Running like China, is a memoir that lays bare the details of her experiences with a mental illness...

Jemma's journey with Conscious living began in her early 20's after a wake up call in the form of a health scare realigned her to the importance of having a healthy and loving connection to her body, mind and spirit. What began as a search to feel more energy, joy and vitality became a journey with raw living foods, and a lifestyle that continues to this day. In this Podcast Jemma shares Her journey from an entrepreneurial young girl with an innate desire to serve, to living in the public eye, losing...

IndieMy daughter is 20 months old today and it has dawned on me that despite her apparent lack of life experience, she is actually much, much wiser than I previously gave her credit. Today, while I busied myself with emails, errands, business development, laundry and shopping, Indie was content to explore her world, in the present moment. As I rushed my way through my to-do list, I realised that most of the items on the list involved thinking about and/or planning for the future. I sent emails to set up appointments that will happen in the future. I worked on my business plan that will help expand Soul Sister Circle in the future, which will ultimately earn me the money I require to pay for things in the future. Indie on the other hand, spent her entire day living in the here and now. She delighted in exploring in the garden, waving palm fronds around and walking with fresh blades of green grass passing between her toes. She was ecstatic when Sundae, our dog came bounding toward her for a taste of her milk arrowroot biscuit. And right now she is completely consumed by feeling of peas being squished between her finger tips.

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