Number One Best Selling Author, International Columnist and Publicist Emma share with us the story behind the Soul Searches Handbook. When Emma Mildon set out on a worldwide soul search she had absolutely no idea where it would lead her. From working with Medicine Men, to exploring channeling, energy healing and connecting with spiritualists the globe over, Emma found herself immersed in a vast web of healers, teachers, authors and like-minded soul-searchers across the globe and now aims to provide fun spiritual wisdom to her generation. In this Podcast Emma Shares Her...

Gratitude, Self Love & The Keys To Greater Health & Happiness Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra and Queen O all tout about the incredible power of gratitude. Choosing to focus on and celebrate our blessings is proven to lead us closer to a life overflowing with fulfilment, love and happiness. Soul Sister Circle chats to Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, motivational speaker, writer and creator of The Gratitude Project, Angela Simson about how she turned her life from average to inspired using gratitude. In this Podcast Angela shares Her personal journey from leaving school early, working in retail to...

I introduce to you the sweet souled Emma Kate, who is a designer, blogger, author, world adventurer, and founder of the Emma Kate Co. stationery/lifestyle brand and design studio. With her lighthearted and whimsy designs, Emma Kate is in the business of making days all over the planet – for customers, virtual visitors, creative clients, and everyone in between. With heart-crafted brush strokes and splashes of bright colour, her fresh, one-of-a-kind works inspire unbridled freedom, unabashed love, and unforgettable kindness. Soul Sister Circle chats to Emma about her love for typography, the wanderlust gene and what life is like jet setting off to magical places each week.

111 This beautiful woman shines every colour of the rainbow and is a walking inspiration in every manner. The lovely Hugette Montesinos-Rodriguez is the Editor in Chief and Creative Director for the amazing Disfunkshion Magazine, whilst also being a trained life coach and college professor. Adventure seems to be her middle name as she thrives on experiencing and taking in all the wonders of the world with her dear husband. She loves to see the best in others and wants greatness for all who live on earth. She is a true inspiration and has such a wonderful story to share. Soul Sister Circle chats to Hugette about life behind the pages of Disfunkshion Magazine, her many travels and inspirations, and the life lessons which have helped her get to where she is today.

K.G Low Res 09 This beautiful girl brings such a lightness to the world and creates such a peaceful nature wherever she may go. The lovely Kristen Graham, is a 24 year old Wellness Blogger and Meditation Teacher from the Gold Coast, Australia. After relapsing from an autoimmune disease at twenty, she transformed her diet and lifestyle and in doing so, found a holistic approach to life.  Through her work, she hopes to inspire and encourage people to live a healthy, wholesome lifestyle and to cultivate Peace and Presence in their daily lives but most of all, she feels her work here is to inspire an awakening and remind people of who they truly are. Soul Sister Circle chats to Kristen about her childhood, what makes her smile and the wonderful journey she is embarking on...

IMG_0472A little ray of sunshine - that is how I would describe Leana Mullane. When you're in her presence it's like being kissed by the sun, and you feel warm, nourished and happy. You simply cannot look at her radiant smile without the corners of your mouth turning upwards and her positive energy is completely intoxicating. On the surface Leana is a beautiful, twenty-three year old with a killer sense of style and a hugely popular blog Coconut & Lime but there is so much more to this incredible lady! She is kind, compassionate, intelligent, deep and she's determined to make a real difference in this world. Soul Sister Circle chats to our newest team member Leana about her growing blog, her story so far up until her new job at Soul Sister Circle and what the future holds.

Sisters-in-the-spotlight-Lauren-AlettaThere is something about this women... I can’t quite put my finger on it... We’ve never actually met, yet there is a definite connection between us… It’s subtle but strong and I just know that you're going to love her too. Who is this divinely gorgeous intuitive goddess? Meet Lauren Aletta from Inner Hue A radiant soul with a gypsy heart, committed to re-connecting you with your inner self, your 'Inner Hue' so that you may learn the language of your soul and create a life in complete alignment with who you truly are. Soul Sister Circle chats to Lauren about intuition, overcoming fear and what drives her to follow her passion.

Lauren HolmesHere's a girl who oozes beauty from the inside out. Meet Lauren Dawson, Owner and Beauty Therapist at Raw Beauty. In the image conscious world we live in today, Lauren's holistic approach to beauty is wonderfully refreshing. Her passion for whole body health and wellbeing is at the foundation of everything she does, and her appointment waitlist is a testament to the quality service she provides to her clients. Lauren shares a little bit about her beauty philosophy plus, her top 5 natural D.I.Y. beauty tips to help you ditch the nasty chemicals.

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