Intuition And Overcoming Fear with Lauren Aletta

Sisters-in-the-spotlight-Lauren-AlettaThere is something about this women… I can’t quite put my finger on it… We’ve never actually met, yet there is a definite connection between us… It’s subtle but strong and I just know that you’re going to love her too.

Who is this divinely gorgeous intuitive goddess? Meet Lauren Aletta from Inner Hue A radiant soul with a gypsy heart, committed to re-connecting you with your inner self, your ‘Inner Hue’ so that you may learn the language of your soul and create a life in complete alignment with who you truly are.

Soul Sister Circle chats to Lauren about intuition, overcoming fear and what drives her to follow her passion.

SSC: Let’s begin with a little bit about you? Who is Lauren Aletta and what makes her heart skip a beat?

Lauren: So many things make my heart skip a beat! Literally. The smallest of things that are often quite mundane can have me welling up! It’s as though there are times when I actually really see and in that instant the most banal thing becomes glorious. I’m sure you know what I mean.

But what really lights me up is bringing attention to our internal guidance and natural intuitive abilities, bubbling up continuously from our soul in constant communication with us to create internal and external alignment. We all sense that our intuition is there to somehow guide and support us in experiencing ourSelves and lives in the best possible way, right? So lets begin an internal intuition adventure that harnesses this!

SSC: You work as an intuitive guide. What lead you to the soulful work you do now?

Lauren: I suppose as a child I would “see things” and “sense things” like a lot of children do. As I grew, it at times became overwhelming and I became frightened. There were occasions I would go into shopping centres and become bombarded with information, coming home crying, thinking I was going crazy.

I bought into the surface level fear of it, even though I knew at my core there was nothing strange or frightening about being able to sense and receive unseen information. Still, this fear drove me to shut it down and reject this part of me for years, until I could no longer continue to keep it locked away.

And really, I just love people. People inspire me, fascinate me, intrigue me! They make my heart rush and explode in awe and wonder. I’m annoyingly curious. (Really, I am.) And have always felt pulled to work with people in a “discovery” way.. which lead me to work within the Human Services field.

Eventually it wasn’t enough. I wanted to go deeper. I got brave and leapt into Inner Hue head on. This way I can support people to come to understand and know themselves in miraculous, beautiful adventurous ways.


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SSC: There is no hiding your passion and unwavering commitment for what you do. What is the burning WHY behind what you do?

Lauren: Understanding energy and harnessing my intuitive abilities has been a major theme my whole life really, when I reflect upon it. And I’ve always had this very unexplainably deep sense that it was important. That it is important to recognise, understand and develop the skill of using our unseen “magic” muscle – our intuition to integrate our mind, body and spirit.

I get this deep sense that is beyond my ability to put into words that normalising, creating connection and understanding and harnessing our internal intuitive and energetic powers is part of our evolution as individuals and as a collective and that it’s really crucial for transforming and re-creating our experience of ourselves and our impact on Mumma Earth.

SSC: It’s inevitable that as we walk the path less travelled we will be met with our human and very real doubts, fears and feelings of uncertainty. How do you navigate through these challenging times?

Lauren: Argh! Yes, those sneaky infiltrating thoughts of fear. They are slippery little suckers aren’t they!

The greatest tool I have developed through practise is energetically working out what’s real and what’s not in terms of fear and ego for me.

I am able to “tune in” internally and get a good sense of what is right and real in regards to my soul and it’s creative desires and what’s surface level fear. Both have an energy. Your soul’s guidance and knowledge communicates in energy that is unique to you. You will know and experience this as a feeling. Everything else – the surface level stuff will have an energy too that you are able to tune into and feel, giving you hopefully enough information for you to be able to make an informed decision upon.

Our intuition works hand in hand with our mental/logical/analytical capacities, along with our emotional and physical experiences. This creates a union between them, rather than a clunky separateness. And this is something we are all able to do and utilise, it just takes practise, belief and trust.


SSC: Let’s talk about intuition. Why do you believe we have become so detached from our intuitive selves? And what’s the answer to reconnecting to that part of ourselves?

Lauren: Oooh. Interesting question! To be honest I am not really sure. I think it’s quite a complex and multi layered topic that includes earth’s processional axis cycle within the Universe, long held social beliefs and values, a fear or disregard for the unseen or unexplained, personal perceptions, self trust… lots!

Essentially we are taught to look outwardly to gather knowledge, information and slowly make change. No one is openly talking about intuition and energy in their daily lives and it’s powerful effect on what we do and how we turn up and create….But there is a quiet yet growing revolution that is occurring where more and more people are getting curious about their own internal powers – this is so exciting!!

As for re-connecting with ourselves and our natural perceptive abilities, I think this is beautifully individual and unique.
But I guess, quiet alone time, meditative or reflective time, time in nature, time spent partaking in activities that light you up! And, trust, belief – self belief…. a willingness and open-ness to explore possibilities that fall outside a logical analytical realm…those inspired ideas and flashes of insight – eat them up!

SSC: You’re a Mumma to three (I’m bowing in admiration right now) little angels, how do you make the time to work, blog, be a Mum, a friend and still fit in your own spiritual practices?

Lauren: Haha! I think it’s a cycle in itself and it’s just a matter of listening and knowing your own internal daily, weekly rhythm to be able to create a revolving door of balance. Sometimes that means I’m more consumed in work stuff other times it means I am making myself available for friends and family. I try to work around my 3 munchkins, but they certainly see me at the computer a lot! I try to meditate early in the morning and play with my energy late at night. It’s a juggling act we’re all partaking in… We are such wonderful creatures us women!

SSC: And Finally, what would you say has been the greatest blessing you have received from walking this spiritual path?

Lauren: Acceptance. To breathe easy in myself. Or at least significantly much easier than I ever have before. And that… well that’s gold.

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KINFOLK-FESTIVAL-Event-Image-for-WebsiteMeet Lauren at Kinfolk Festival

Soul Sister Circle is beyond excited that Lauren Aletta will be hosting intimate “Developing Your Intuition” workshops at Kinfolk Festival.

Join us and allow Lauren to guide you through a series of fun, simple activities that will allow you to ground yourself in your intention & receive intuitive insight, direction & guidance for your body, mind & soul through. your internal guidance system.

This means your heart leads the way & your head formats & designs the spirited  information you have intuitively received.

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