Naturally Beautiful with Lauren Dawson

Lauren HolmesHere’s a girl who oozes beauty from the inside out. Meet Lauren Dawson, Owner and Beauty Therapist at Raw Beauty. In the image conscious world we live in today, Lauren’s holistic approach to beauty is wonderfully refreshing. Her passion for whole body health and wellbeing is at the foundation of everything she does, and her appointment waitlist is a testament to the quality service she provides to her clients. Lauren shares a little bit about her beauty philosophy plus, her top 5 natural D.I.Y. beauty tips to help you ditch the nasty chemicals.

SSC: You have had a long and varied history in the beauty industry. Can you tell us about your progression and how you came to practice natural beauty and open your own natural organic beauty salon?

LAUREN: From studying short courses of beauty at the age of 13, then gaining my international diploma then training in London to work on luxury cruise ships in America, to managing a Laser hair removal clinic, then advancing to manager of Sanctuary Cove’s Facial and Body Clinic and also teaching Advanced Facials to beauty therapists. At this point, I was at the pinnacle of my career and where to go next and I feel the importance to internally nourish my body with organic and natural foods is where I came to practice natural beauty and open my own business with products and treatments I know also honour my “raw” lifestyle.

SSC: What is the burning WHY behind what you do?

LAUREN: The burning WHY behind what I do is education and sharing my knowledge within beauty to inspire others.


SSC: Why is it important to use natural, organic beauty products?

LAUREN: It is important to me to use natural, organic beauty products because it only takes 26 seconds to enter your bloodstream and with using the products daily I didn’t want to expose my clients, let alone myself to toxic ingredients.

SSC: We can all agree that beauty is as much about what’s going on internally as it is about what’s happening on the outside. How do you approach your own health and wellbeing?

LAUREN: I totally agree – beauty is about being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out and slowly but surely transformed my lifestyle from switching to all organic beauty products to fruit and veges then my laundry powder, cleaning products to my toothpaste. I am at the point in my life now, that I am exploring how to make my products instead of buying the almond milk I can make it myself and it’s important to me now I am sourcing and supporting local businesses.

SSC: How important is the mind, body, spirit connection when it comes to looking and feeling truly beautiful?

LAUREN: It is imperative for the mind, body, spirit connection because I believe this integration and alignment provides us with the most powerful healing resource and I believe you become a mirror; what you attract you will become, simply like sun shining out of your face because you feel it within. It’s all about for me finding your own kind of balance.


SSC: What is one piece of advice you can give to women to help them feel instantly more beautiful?

LAUREN: My one piece of advice to feel instantly beautiful would be simply stay beautiful and treat yourself. Enjoy a bath, have a facial, make a herbal tea, take time just for you because your no good to anyone if your no good to yourself. Learn to understand your own language of love; whether it be how you like to receive love and give love for yourself and for others.


  1. Use cold pressed coconut oil as a make up remover even for your eye make up as it will take away the stain of black from under your eyes from removing or not removing your mascara properly.
  2. Exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate. Don’t be scared just be gentle; mix coconut oil and Himalayan salts or ground coffee and gently work over the skin.
  3. Always use a separate natural sunscreen not one that’s in your moisturiser as the when their mixed in the sunscreen normally has a high chemical content and will break down your moisturisers goodness.
  4. Use a silk pillow case and I also love to use a silk eye pillow filled with lavender and linseed. Silk is beautiful on the skin prevents wrinkling of the skin when sleeping.
  5. Ditch the face washer and invest in a bamboo micro fibre face washer it will change your life. No bacteria breeding and its antibacterial for your skin.

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