5 common mistakes people make when setting goals + expert tips on how to create powerful intentions that lead to soul aligned action, fulfilment and ease. Featuring insights from Keri Krieger, Sydney Campos, Megan Dalla-Camina, Emma Mildon and Helen Jacobs. It’s almost a condition of the world we live in today to mould ourselves to fit society. We spend our precious time each day — for many of us, it has been from day dot — setting our goals to fit within systems and structures created by others, leading to years of...

Featuring insights from teacher, writer and guide on all-things intuition and energy, Lauren Aletta from Inner Hue. When you are able to tune into your intuition in a real way, it can provide valuable insight and guidance to help pave your way forward. Being able to listen to intuitive messages helps to build deeper levels of self-trust, self-belief and courage; which subsequently provides you with confidence and inspires courageous aligned action. There are, however, some things you need to be aware of when developing your intuition. “For me, it’s been exciting to see more...

Experienced and knowledgeable yet unconventional and always the first to say it how it is, Lexi Crouch is a passionate, honest and inspirational speaker, supporter, educator and positive advocate for eating disorders and body image issues. Lexi is Co-Founder, CEO for a Brisbane Start Up company in creative technology where her desire to create change in the world lies. Lexi's ability as a speaker and business acumen have both come from extensive past knowledge and experiences. Having overcome a fifteen year battle of anorexia - Lexi went from pathology to freedom using yoga as daily practice that enhances all aspects of her life. Lexi is on a mission to provide a positive voice, support and education to anyone with eating disorders, eating issues, body image concerns and low self-esteem. “Im here to shake things up a little bit, we are not here for a long time and I want everyone to realise their full potential,” says Lexi. Now currently in her final year of study for a Bachelor of Health Science (Dietetics and Nutrition), a co-parent to her beautiful daughter Mabel, A Yoga Teacher and speaker, Lexi loves to share her life, loves, passion and learnings. We talk to Lexi more about her mission and what her own journey to healing has involved.

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