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I know that – like me – you have probably chosen to start your own business because you desired more freedom and to make a difference in the lives of others. I feel you sister. And I see you too. This path of being our own boss lady is freeing and meaningful, but it also comes with mixed messages about what it takes to be truly successful too.

In the seemingly cutthroat world of business you could be forgiven for thinking that if you’re not ‘hustling’ or ‘busting your butt’ all the time, then you’re never going to get the clients or sales you want. You’re not alone if you think these things but I can truly share with you as the owner of a global business with employees and clients from all over the world, it doesn’t have to be that way. Deep exhale!

Currently in the world there is a rising spiritual consciousness of which women are at the forefront of. Gone are the ‘greed is good’ and profit over people business mantras, replaced by a deeper knowing and valuing of feminine traits such as caring, intuition and reverence for self and others. There is a new wave of female entrepreneurs that want to embrace their feminine sides, show genuine care for those whose lives their business touch, make contributions back to society and trust their inner knowing when it comes to making business decisions. They are more than happy to lead with their heart and are in fact looking for more ways to do just that.

The Divine Feminine is an infinite source of wisdom and innate feminine strength and power that lives inside all women, just waiting to be awakened with love and intent. It is the side of ourselves that traditionally may have been seen only to have a place in roles like mothering, however it is truly so much more than that and can be used in incredible ways to help you build your business. There is a Divine Feminine Goddess who lives inside all of us and here are just a few ways you can call upon this side of yourself to help not only grow your business but also love yourself as a Divine woman with more grace and ease.

  • Honour and Strengthen Your Intuition. Your intuition is your inner wisdom; an infinite well of knowledge inside your heart and soul. It can whisper to you at key moments and also be called upon when you are trying to decide something important. Ignoring your intuition and heart is ignoring your feminine side in business. The more you trust yourself and your inner knowing, the more your business will flow and be heart centered. This is not to say you will not need or even want to make decisions with your head. You will. Just ensure you make time to deeply tune into the well of feminine wisdom inside you as well. She knows you best – and she’s got your business back.
  • Slow down. Create space. Be gentle.  Beware the hustle! Of course as business owners there are going to be times when you will need to call upon your masculine side and work long hours or meet deadlines. That is a given and should not be dishonoured. However there is great feminine strength to be found in slowing down our work and diaries to create space for ourselves to just ‘be.’ And this ‘being’ can be anything you want – more sleep, time in the sun, reading – anything you desire. This is not wasted business time. In embracing the Divine Feminine it is time where you recharge, love yourself and be gentle with the most important asset in your business. You.
  •  Embrace Sacred Rituals and Space.   As a businesswoman and also a Priestess, I have come to truly love and value taking time every day to honour the Divine Feminine and Goddess within me. I do this through sacred rituals and having a space in my office that makes me feel beautiful, loving, giving and powerful. My rituals on most days involve chakra breathing and stretching, meditation, drawing an oracle card, journaling what I am grateful for and choosing crystals that I feel attuned to either wear or have near me at my desk. And the space in and around my office is filled with beautiful art, scented candles, fresh flowers and cards. Surrounding yourself with beauty and taking time to do things that embody your feminine and womb wisdom doesn’t just feel good. It is a way for you to feel more inspired, creative, loving, empowered and alive. All things which will deeply impact your work and business – and the lives of those you touch – in divine ways.
  • Love and Learn From Your Shadow. Owning your own business can be one of the greatest personal development journeys you ever take. You learn so much about yourself and your fears, insecurities and sabotaging traits, just as much as you do your gifts. These shadow qualities (which we all have) are nothing to be afraid of or push aside. They can in fact be your greatest teachers if you let them. By having the courage to lean into and learn from any tendencies you may have to be fearful, jealous, perfectionistic or constantly stressed and worried, you are honouring the dark feminine side of yourself that is calling to be loved. She is the side of you that may in fact hold the greatest key to understanding your true potential as a businesswoman and so ignore her at your peril! Embrace and learn what she is really trying to teach and tell you with love, and you may just uncover a fierce Goddess inside you who steps her business up to a whole new level.


Choosing to be an entrepreneur and businesswoman takes courage. Choosing to be an entrepreneur and businesswoman who leads with her heart and intuition and embraces feminine qualities of nurturing, loving and kindness takes even more courage. The rewards though, like the Divine Feminine herself, are infinite.   Not only will you find yourself in more flow and alignment with your true desires and nature, you will inspire other women around you to do the same, and also contribute to a planet that is crying out for more love, respect and honour. And I couldn’t think of a better reason to honour your true feminine self as a businesswoman than that.

Here’s to you Goddess and all the feminine power inside you.


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