Awaken the Goddess Within with Julie Parker

During this powerful event, modern day Priestess, Julie Parker guided our sisters to understand and embrace the ancient history of the Goddess, and illustrated how we can invite the personality and behavioural traits of these mythic beings into our modern experience, and allow them to live within us.

We discovered how connecting with Divine Feminine archetypes and Goddesses can support us to explore the parts of ourselves that enable us to shine, and to work with our shadow, assisting us to more deeply understand and love ourselves and recognise our power and potential as women.

Guest Speaker: Julie Parker
Venue: The Craft Parlour
Photographer: Klee Photography
Supporters: Lemon Canary

You are welcome to share these images (in fact we love it when you do) our only request is that you please credit Soul Sister Circle and the Photographer listed above.

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