An Abundant Life with Dr Ezzie Spencer Melbourne

To celebrate the release of her new book ‘An Abundant Life’ Author, Speaker and Lunar Abundance Teacher Ezzie Spencer teamed up with Soul Sister Circle to deliver an intimate evening of connection, insight and practical guidance to help you summon your true potential, open your eyes to a better reality and show you how to create a more fulfilling life for you and for those in your orbit.

Dr Ezzie Spencer has spent many years working with the rhythms of the moon, refining and perfecting her practice and sharing her wisdom with the flourishing online community in her Lunar Abundance Salon. The moon is a mirror, Ezzie says, for self- awareness and offers a valuable means of practising self-care and enhancing our wellbeing. But perhaps its greatest gift is abundance – showing us a way of giving and receiving, a means to invite more goodness into our lives.

Speaker: Ezzie Spencer phD
Special Guest Speaker: Julie Parker
Photography: Fi Mims Photography
Styling & Flowers: Ruffles & Bells
Ultimate Abundance VIP Pack Supporters: Lemon Canary || Loving Earth || Sonesence || Pukka Herbs || Michelle Marie McGrath || Ezzie Spencer phD

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