Lunar Abundance with Ezzie Spencer

Flourishing with the cycles of the moon

Dr Ezzie Spencer trained as a lawyer, went on to work in government, nonprofit and research sectors and earned her PhD in women’s wellbeing and justice after violence.

Feeling that something elemental was missing in the intellectual world of law, Ezzie began to explore the correlation she noticed between her feelings and the phases of the moon.

Her concept, Lunar Abundance, marries intellect with intuition and has reaped results for many women, through Ezzie’s one-on-one coaching sessions and through the support of a flourishing online community at

The moon is a mirror, Ezzie says, for self- awareness and offers a valuable means of practising self-care and enhancing our wellbeing. But perhaps its greatest gift is abundance – showing us a way of giving and receiving, a means to invite more goodness into our lives.

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In this Podcast Ezzie shares

  • Her personal journey from training and working as a Lawyer, to completing her PhD and how, through noticing the patterns in her own life she developed the practice she now calls Lunar Abundance
  • How applying the Lunar Abundance principles helped Ezzie to grow and shape her business
  • What “Abundance” actually means
  • How she works with all eight lunar phases and the Yang and Yin energies
  • What we can expect from her upcoming book, An Abundant Life: Flourishing with the cycles of the moon
  • How she applied Lunar Abundance to joyfully write and publish her book
  • Where to start on your own journey of abundance

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