Emma Mildon – A Guide to Crystals


Curious about all things gemstones and crystals? Of quartz you are!

Every self-respecting Soul Sister or Soul Searcher will own at least one crystal in some shape of form. A ring, a mala, that weird stone you found but always kept… they all have a meaning, an energy, a healing property, or frequency. So what crystals can you use for what symptoms, and where do you start? I hear ya. When I started exploring crystals, the science behind which one I brought was simple… ‘Shiny!’

For those of you keen to explore crystals with a video guide, check out my MindBodyGreen Crystals 101 Course, where you can learn online, and on demand. Otherwise read on and get introduced to how crystals can become your new comrade in the wellbeing and holistic therapy department.

Throughout time crystals and stones have been used as a symbol of power by kings and queens, worn as jewellery, shown off in home ornamentation, praised in sacred ceremonies, held in prayer and meditation, and used for their healing properties in Reiki (a Japanese stress-reduction, healing, and relaxation practice), massage, and cleansing. Today it’s become more common than ever to see boho fashion accessories of crystals and gemstones styled on rings and long chained necklaces. Come on, who doesn’t love sparkles? Or things that are just straight up pretty!

Often the first thing about a crystal or gemstone a Soul Sister is drawn to is the colour. If you looked in your wardrobe right now, what colour would you see most of? What colour do you always gravitate toward? Can you see certain styles and colours you wore more when you were going through hard or happy times? I’m not judging your goth faze, or your everything-is-awesome fluro faze by the way. If I could send you a snap chat of my wardrobe to make you feel better about yours I would! Put it this way, you can see my spiritual evolution as my style shifted from brown cold corporate, to hipster, to full noise colour my life hippy.


Photography by Cait Miers for Coconut & Lime

Think about what your favourite colour as a child? When we are children, we tend to be more in-tune with, connected to, and undistracted from our higher selves. Even that one colour of crayon we constantly picked out (and maybe drew all over the walls with) would reflect who we were as a person and point signs to what our purpose in this lifetime was.

Try This: think of a colour you are drawn to—visualize it in your head, imagine yourself wearing it, even imagine holding it as a glowing ball of coloured light in your hands. How do you feel? Let’s see what that colour represents, and why your subconscious mind directed your brain to plant that colour in your thoughts.

Crystals and gemstones can illuminate your thoughts, wishes, emotions, and dreams—they’re basically Mother Earth’s spiritual magnifying glass. Below are some crystals and gemstones to help with some common challenges and desires that I know I’ve encountered during my soul search, and that many others no doubt run up against in life from day to day.

The simple presence of crystals can bring calm and serenity. We wear crystal jewellery, hold crystals in our hands, keep them in our pockets, bras, socks—wherever we can stuff ‘em (No, not there. Well, you can put crystals there, actually. Still curious? Have a glass of organic wine and Google “jade eggs.”) We display them in our homes, hang them in our cars or place them by our computers or under our pillows. After a while, crystals can become as natural and comforting a presence in your life as that pair of old beat-up sneakers you just can’t give up or your favourite morning coffee mug.

For more exploration about all things crystals check our Emma Mildon’s book The Soul Searcher’s Handbook

25111045-_uy1732_ss1732_*cover photo photography by Cait Miers

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