Discovering your Life Purpose with Amber Valdez


Amber Valdez is a former TV Personality and NFL Cheerleader turned Life Purpose Cheerleader, who is leading 1 million+ individuals to love themselves, own their worth so they can live their purpose and GET PAID to change the world.

She is the creator of #StickieAffirmations, the Team Live Your Purpose Movement, The Worthy Goddess Workshop, The Let Your Light Shine LIVE & Turn You’re Crazy Into Your Purpose online bootcamps, and the author of “Stickie Affirmations to Live Your Purpose” that went #1 on the Amazon’s Best-Seller list.

Amber serves as a life purpose coach, online bootcamp facilitator, International speaker and live stream queen! Amber creates deep trust and respect through her down to earth, real personality, no bull shit, spunky yet vulnerable coaching style that allows her students to feel, seen, heard, accepted and loved.

Amber is committed to being the cheerleader she never had by reminding Light Workers from around the world that they matter, they are worthy and their purpose matters.

In this Episode Amber Valdez shares

  • Her personal struggles growing up in an abusive home
  • Seeking validation and a sense of self in the wrong places
  • Healing from the past, re-writing the future and becoming her own cheerleader
  • The essential key to creating a real impact online (that most people are missing)
  • How to find your light, share your voice and start living your purpose
  • Why the world needs lightworkers now more than ever
  • How to get out of your own way and step into your greatness
  • Why support and a cheer squad of high vibing soul sisters is essential to your growth
  • Why its completely possible (and encouraged) to make money while living your purpose and making a difference

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