Aimee Wilson on developing a deeper connection to your Intuition and Awareness


Aimee Wilson is a Certified Beautiful You Life Coach, Certified EPI Equine Assisted Learning Practitioner, Speaker and Sacred Space Holder.

Aimee supports women who are wanting to develop a deeper connection to their intuition and Awareness. She helps her clients to explore  what might be blocking them and re-discover their own version of a successful + authentic life. She is passionate about educating people on the power of working with horses and helping women to say a huge YES to their true desires.

She has been featured in online publications Inspired Coach and Soulful Living Magazine.

We talk to Aimee and learn about her beautiful work as an Equine Assisted Learning Practitioner.

SSC: Aimee, I understand you use equine assisted learning with your coaching – can you tell me how you came to be working in this area and why you are so passionate about it ?

Aimee: I was watching a documentary and one part was about equine assisted learning. I thought it seemed like a really interesting way to work with people. I started riding horses when I was quite young and loved being around them. Looking back on it I can recognise what I learnt from being around them and the impact that it had on my life. How to be assertive, have good boundaries, emotional intelligence and how to be a good leader.  When I started studying life coaching, I found the Equine Psychotherapy Institute (EPI) and applied. I just fell more in love with equine assisted learning and it combined so nicely with my coaching.

I think what makes me so passionate about it is that it is such a powerful  way to work with people. It is a really effective way of helping people and it reaches across so many age groups, cultural backgrounds and abilities. From kids with trauma, to people with PTSD, people recovering from addiction to high functioning adults and team building there are just so many groups where equine assisted learning or equine assisted psychotherapy works. It is really supportive and gentle, the focus is on getting curious and exploring with the client.

The horses model for us a way of being – living in awareness and being fully present and they are authentic in how they interact. They are experts at reading body language and all this combines to give the client feedback which is unique to them. What I really love about the EPI model is that we work with our horses and their wellbeing is really important too. They are our partners and teachers, not a tool in our coaching kit.

SSC: What are the greatest lessons you have learned from working in this space?

Aimee: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable! In EAL, all emotions are welcome and sometimes that means sitting with or exploring things that aren’t easy or comfortable. It is also being able to recognise patterns of behaviour without judgment and trying new behaviours.

Trust has been a big lesson for me. I’m working with two beings with their own mind and personalities so each time I step into session is an exercise in trust. Trust in the process, trust in my abilities and that my client will get what they need from the session. You need to step in without an agenda and just be willing to explore what comes up.

SSC: What did you do to change from having a ‘nice’ life, to following your passion – can you share some tips about how others may be able to start implementing this change?

Aimee : I knew that I wanted to do something more with my life, but for years I didn’t know what that was. I just started exploring things that interested me, following the bread crumbs so to speak  and that eventually led me to life coaching and working with horses. Which seems like the obvious answer looking back, but at the time it wasn’t. So my first tip would be to just explore what interests you. What is calling you to have a look? It doesn’t need to become a business or career, but you never know where that interest or idea might lead you.

Then look at how you can explore that. You don’t need to overhaul your life or quit your job straight away (or at all), it can be as simple as finding a local class or group at your community center or online. It might just be creating an hour on your day off to write or draw or bake or whatever. Take small steps. Get comfortable with being a little uncomfortable.

Find support. This is where working with a coach can be really beneficial, but just finding like minded people who get it or can cheer you on makes a huge difference. There is no way I would be where I am without the support of some pretty amazing women. The main thing is you need people who are going to lift you up, not shut down your ideas or make you feel like your crazy. Gathering your support crew is so so important. It really makes the difference on tough days.

Finally, have fun with it. I think we can make “finding our passion” so serious. Try having fun. Invite your inner child to come to the table. What did they enjoy doing or want to do? Explore and play. Be curious. Be open.

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SSC: Can you tell me how you balance the feminine and the masculine within your business?

Aimee: By being aware of how I’m feeling and working with that. Am I feeling like powering through things? Am I feeling in need of a slower day? Do I need to kick my butt into gear? Do i need to be a bit gentler with myself today? Once I know that then I can tap into the energy I need.

On another note, my two beautiful horses. One has a beautiful soft feminine energy and the other is much more masculine. I don’t know how intentional that was, but it’s a very interesting dynamic to have.

SSC:  What are the lessons you can share with others about owning your skills/special gifts?

Aimee: I used to think that I actually didn’t have any special skills or gifts, but I think that’s because when you do something so often it becomes natural, you forget that it doesn’t always come naturally to other people. So take a moment to list the things you do well. What are your strengths? If you are really struggling with that, ask a friend to tell you what they think your strengths are. You absolutely have them.

Keep showing up. It can be really scary to start sharing your skills, but if you keep showing up it will get easier. Showing up is actually the hard part. Anyone can say they are writing a book for example, but how many people actually show up everyday and write that book? Or take the steps to put it out there? If you are putting yourself out there and showing up for yourself, you are doing more than most people.

Don’t compare your journey to some one else. This is by far the hardest thing to do. You are on your own journey. There is no point comparing yourself to someone else, it will just make you feel shitty. Focus on what you need to do and where you are headed. There is room for everyone, you won’t miss out. Plus it’s worth remembering that on where social media is concerned you are only seeing the highlights, not the full story.

The other thing to remember is that not everyone is going to get what you do or connect with it and that’s ok. What you have to offer is amazing and the people who need it or you will find and love you!!


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