Awaken Auckland – Celebrate New Beginnings

Intentionally concurring with the Winter Solstice, this event was a celebration of new beginnings, revived hope, clear intentions, personal power and the return of the light. It signified a powerful union of kindred-spirits who share a common intention: To reconnect with the innermost self and awaken to the limitless potential within so that individually and together in sisterhood, we can create real and lasting change for ourselves, our communities and the world.

Embracing ritual, divine wisdom, delicious organic refreshments and collective high-vibes, awaken was an immersion in true sisterhood and left attendees feeling elevated, connected and revitalised.

Speakers: Rebecca Van Leeuwen and Emma Mildon
Venue: The Bank, Grey Lynn
Photographer: Swish Studios
Catering: The Raw Kitchen
Styling Props: Two Foxes
Goodie Bags: PlantaeRed SealKaren MurrellOiTom & LukeWickenLushGood MagazineGood Buzz KombuchaLinden LeavesEco StoreArtemis

You are welcome to share these images (in fact we love it when you do) our only request is that you please credit Soul Sister Circle and the Photographer listed above.

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