Everything in Divine Time

Eleanor Roosevelt

For many months now I have had this sense that the Spring Equinox (23rd September) was going to be an important date for Soul Sister Circle. I meditated on it, sat with pen at the ready waiting for the inspiration to come through thinking it would mark another luxurious Soul Sister Gathering but when nothing came to me I made the assumption that, this time, my gut feeling meant nothing.

Lesson 1: Gut feelings never mean nothing!

Over the past few weeks I have been extremely busy with seemingly back-to-back personal and professional commitments. I have worked tirelessly on the Soul Sister Circle website and time has flown by without so much as a thought about the impending Equinox. As I dutifully went about my work the days turned into weeks, the weeks into months and I was completely oblivious to the divine influences at play in my business.

When everything seemed to be going against me and progress on the Soul Sister Circle website had all but stopped, I reminded myself of this simple little matra:

Everything in divine time

I had to embrace the idea that life was playing out exactly as it was meant to and trust that all the delays, hurdles and issues were in perfect alignment with a universal plan.

Lesson 2: Trust

Well my sisters, today is the 23rd September, also know as Spring Equinox, and it marks a very special day for Soul Sister Circle.

Today we birth our beautiful website into the world.

After months and months of design, development and content creation soulsistercircle.com.au is now alive and her mission is to breath beauty, hope and inspiration into the digital world.

It would be such an honour if you would visit her and share your comments, thoughts and feedback with us.

Lesson 3: The universe has your back

It is with a happy heart that I give thanks to the universe for all its love and unwavering support. From the very beginning I have felt a strong knowing that our incredible community of Soul Sisters is completely supported by the divine. We are each here to undertake important work in the world, and through Soul Sister Circle we are able to unite, inspire one another and raise each other up so that we can shine bigger, brighter and more beautiful than ever before.

It is difficult for me to language just how much gratitude I have for each one of you, my soul sisters. Without you, none of this would have been possible and your constant support has enabled me to maintain my resolve and commitment to building this community, even through the tough times.

You inspire me every day. Not necessarily with the things you do, (although please know you are doing incredible work in this world) but in the women you are being. It is mentally, emotionally and spiritually tough to fight for what you believe in, to follow a calling and forge a new path, and yet each of you have found a source of courage and in your own unique way are changing the world. Simply by shining your light and sharing your gifts you make a positive difference that this world desperately needs. And for that reason I think you are AMAZING!

Lesson 4: Never underestimate the power of love.

On that note beautiful lady, I wish you an abundance of love, joy and blessings as you move into this new season.

In love, gratitude and admiration,

Xx Bec

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